I’m back

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Almost 5 months ago I decided to drop all my social media activity in order to improve my athlete’s performance as I wasn’t satisfied with it. I gave up on Facebook, film making, career ideas, learning English system and more to make sure I’d apply all of my mental power to finding every flaw of my training and a way to get rid of it. I imagined that at the moment of my come-back I’d be stronger, thinner, better and equipped with new super skills. I imagined myself as a superhero who receives a hard beating and after recuperation returns more powerful than ever to beat the crap out of his enemies.



Have I manged to do that?


The answer is: No.


I’m not much skilled than I was before my decision, I’m harassed by injuries and I’m fatter than ever. The outcome I desired (a superhero-like come-back) is yet to be  achieved, but I have accomplished some of my goals. Mainly I have detected most of the flaws in my training and I know how to correct them. But it’s gonna take longer than a few months. Way longer. And you know (if not, read this) that apart from gaining real-life super powers I also want to „entertain people on a global scale„, which is the thing my heart has been nagging me about recently. And it’s right. I need to start doing something in that direction. And so I will.


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