Mateusz vs shoulder injury

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As you probably figured this out I have a shoulder injury. It’s not really serious, but it’s been dragging along with me for a few months now successfully preventing me from training at my fullest. Recently it got a bit worst as I intensified my training regime and then I realized it can’t look like that. I need to do something about it.

So I decided to engage in a total war with that injury. I’m gonna use every trick I know to beat that son of a bitch. Here is my 23 day plan (started 6th of May):






1. No intensive training of that shoulder for 23 days.

That’s obvious



2. Total relax.

For 3 first days I just gave all up.I didn’t train I didn’t think about training, diet. I simply let go my of my athlete’s mindset and activities. All for reloading my physical and mental batteries to strike the injury with full force



3.  Train around the injury

Only shoulder needs rest and there’s plenty of other body parts left I can’t neglect.

Who gets that:d?

4. Rehabilitation exercises

with elastic bands 6 times a week.

Cat – check, cutie – check


5. Apply cold

3 times a day for 20 minutes


Of course it’s not me on a pic! . My arms are bigger !!!!!



6. Massage it

3 times a day for 10 minutes. I use this for it

I know what you’re thinking! Pervs!!!


7. Visit a doctor

I’ve kinda lost my faith in doctors – they started to do more damage than good, but my friend who suffered from shoulder injury too got some anti-inflammatory pills which sounds fairly reasonable. Inflammation is quite common condition of overused tendons.

My last visit at the doctor's didn't end up well

My last visit at the doctor’s didn’t end up well for me. Click on pic to learn more about that story.


8.  Lose weight.

I want to be real-life superhero, but I don’t really act like it. None of the superheros is overweight. I let this disgusting blabber grow around me which adds extra unnecessary kilos to my weight. And you know that with extra kilos comes extra injury vulnerability. It’s high time to do something about it.

Pic of a chiseled superhero to psyche me up:




9. Keep track on…

I have created this file to keep track on my tasks concerning this challenge


10.  Observation

Every Sunday I’ll review my progress, draw conclusions and apply changes if necessary.



Wish me luck !

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