Top Films of 2015 (January update)

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Because I left creating my Top 58 Film of 2014 to the very end I wasn’t managed to do it as I wish I could. To make things better this year I have decided to create that list as it goes, updating it every month. Here is the list of film I watched in January sorted from the worst to the best ones.

8.American Sniper

” Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity’ this quote by Stephen King perfectly illustrates the stupidity of war. All heroic feats, acts of bravery, glorious victories and then making films about them are meaningless when done for such an idiotic cause like war.

7.The Testament Of Youth

I like the humble hotness of the main character. Acting is really good too. Actually everything seems to be in place in this film, but the general idea of it is so unappealing to me that I was miles away during the screening.

6. Foxcatcher


A washed-up actors strives to resume his career, and also he once played an iconic superhero. Honestly I’d prefer watching adventures of the actual superhero, not the actor who used to play one.

4.Into the Woods

I like the idea of crossing a fables and creators managed to do it in a quite interesting way. However it would be much more fun to watch if it wasn’t a musical!!! I love film and I love music, but this type of combining them together doesn’t appeal to me at all.


The girl decides to hike across the country to find herself. I love the idea of doing such a thing but the film doesn’t present it in a very entertaining way so I got bored quite frequently during the screening.

2. Theory of Everything

It’s quite rare for me to be caught up by a film with no action or special effects. Yet it happens and this film is an instance of it. What’s so gripping about this film? The life wisdom it conveys.i I thought I was a decent person, but this film showed me there’s still room for improvement.

1. The Intern


It’s cheesy, sappy, maudlin and packed with cliches. However







And that’s all films I watched in January. I missed a couple of interesting positions due to busy schedule, but I should catch up on them on February. See you in a month!

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