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#2 Where’s Mateusz At?/ #2 Where’s Mateusz Not At?

#2 Where’s Mateusz At?

Our lives are full of great moments. However between them there is plently of grey area no one likes, but everybody needs to cope with.For Mateusz great moments are those when Matventures happens. However between them there’s very little of grey tedious substance and actually it looks like his life between great moments is pretty matventurous too. As you can see…on left side of this video:)

#2 Where’s Mateusz not at?

On the right side however you can see the episode of another Mateusz’s series Matventures Inferior which yet to be released.

So, in fact, you’re watching two episodes of  two series at once:) how effective and time saving is that? Sometimes I’m suprised myslef with the extent of my genius…










Cast & Crew

Mateusz: director, writer, main leads

Jakub Duda Videography: – editing & filmming


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Where’s Mat No At? still needs to wait for its prequel and secuel:)



#2 Where’s Mateusz At?/ #2 Where’s Mateusz Not At? -