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Mateusz CV 3: The Run-Up

Initially Mateusz CV 3 was meant to include moves that would change the course of human history. Eventually my ambitious plan was reduced by reality. But I’m not giving up. I’m just taking ‚The Run-Up now. The run-up that will allow me to perform a big magnificent Jump.




 – as you can easily notice there are 5 other people featuring in the film apart from me ( and passers-by):

  • Bogdan Pascal –an exceptional freerunner with beastly skills and occasionally my training buddy.

  • Andrzej Krześinski – my dear friend from my home town and one of the funniest guys I have ever met.

  • Tiina Tuomisto – an astounding hula hooper with the flexibility of a rubber band and beauty of a mermaid :) We collaborate on many different levels 😉 Possibly you’ll see her more in my future productions.

  • Marchand Steemkamp – if he was a woman he would be my wife:) my dear friend and a training partner with remarkable skills.

  • Domink ‘Dodek’ Murawski   – the fastest moving freeruner you have ever seen and the person who was my training companion for many years.

  • Minka – in the past a crazy circus acrobat (once she landed a quadruple backflip on the audience!) at the moment a devoted trampoline and a gymnastics teacher. A dear colleague and friend of mine.

 – Mateusz CV 3 features a couple of famous London landmarks:

Zrzut ekranu (584)

Tower BridgeZrzut ekranu (577)

The Shard

 Zrzut ekranu (587)

The Leadenhall Building

Zrzut ekranu (583)

The O2 Arena & Canary WharfZrzut ekranu (588)

Millennium Bridge

 – the scenes you can see in the film where shot in 8 cities (London, Midhurst, Ewell West, Fredrikstad, Berlin, Milan, Cracow, Jarosław) in 6 countries (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Norway)


– figuring out how to make the ‚ Mateusz CV 3’ title with interlacing scenes in the background took me around 3 hours. Eventually,  it turned out that all it takes to achieve the effect I wanted is just one click.

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Mateusz CV 3: The Run-Up -