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#1 Jump Jarosław 1

Adolescence…the magical coming-of-age period, when we leave a safe harbour of our childhood to explore unknown waters of adulthood. Most start this exploration through having their first sexual encounters or overindulging certain substances. For me and my training companions (Łukasz, Sławek, Misza, Dodek, Bartek) things worked out slightly different as we discovered parkour. And as our peers were getting drunk, high or laid we were doing this:

Film info:


Directed by Mateusz

Edited by Mateusz, Misza

Soundtrack: D-Tune – Meteorite (Bass-Base Remix)




Dominik Murawski

Sławomir Lichończak

Łukasz Brudniak

Michał Walawender

Arkadiusz Moneta






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Jump Jarosław 1






Background story:


It was in 2006, I was 16 years old, when two seminal events occurred: my discovery of parkour and the rediscovery of my life purpose. As the latter was still in a pretty much nascent state, as a miniscule thought somewhere in the back of my head, I will focus solely on the former.

And the former was mainly focused on accidentally hard (accidentally as we were just playing around with our bodies unaware of the hard work we did) trainings chasing the most desirable… Social media recognition…. Just joking! I don’t think that the term ‘social media’ had even been coined by then, but even without social media freerunners of those times managed to find ways to distract themselves from training like setting up a website, coming up with a cool monicker or debating what the proper outfit to wear for training is.

None of that was of interest to us though. At the advent of our parkour trainings me and my friends were after only one thing… Skills.


And this insatiable craving for progress kept us laser-focused and sharply mindful discarding what was unessential. Our minds were o mostly occupied with tricks and it was tricks what we mostly wanted to do. To our disappointment we couldn’t as there was still school to attend, sleep to get, girls to have crushes on and a fatigue to recover from. But even with these in our way we were getting better fast thanks to our passion, enthusiasm, consistency and, what we were too young and immature to appreciate, friendship.


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