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Mateusz CV 4: Chaos Will End

We’ve all experienced that moments when complexity of life overwhelms. There are so many things to take into consideration, to do, coordinate and think about that it is easy to feel lost and not to know where to start. Well, at least in life i run, in which there are some many fields I would like to excel in, being overwhelmed is commonplace. So I’ve been dreaming about the way that would help me to keep things in check and unload my usually overbusy mind. As a person who doesn’t dream only I took action to find the way. After years of searching, researching, trying and thinking I finally developed the system and a mindset that organises all areas of my life and I can already enjoy their initial positive results. From this point forward it should only get better so that’s why I can risk to say that:

Chaos Will End.

• Scenes presented in the video were shot in 16 cities in 10 countries:
– Great Britain (London, Brighton)
– Denmark (Copenhagen)
– Germany (Berlin)
– Spain (Madrid, Santander)
– Poland (Jarosław, Rzeszów, Lesko)
– Norway (Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg)
– France (Paris)
– Italy (Turin)
– Finland (Espoo, Helsinki)
– Romania (Bucharest)

• the concept for this video (soundtrack and editing style) was initially supposed to be used in a video ‘Yclan CV 3’ which meant to be a video announcing Yclan’s return. Me and my friend Dodek were in serious talks regarding that and even took some action towards. Eventually it didn’t work out and I decided to use the concept for next instalment of my CV series.
• there is another concept for this video that would add another dimension of chaos. I even started to work on that, but eventually decided that the ‘subtle’ chaos version is more unique. Maybe if there is an interest (especially from my side!) one day I will release it, but for now I need to mentally recover after working on this project because….
•…. It was the most gruelling editing process I have ever gone through. But I loved it.



Mateusz CV 4: Chaos Will End -