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Matdream/Wyjebane Marzenie Mateusza

We all have dreams. However only small fraction of us decides to pursue them. Those who do quite often find out that the path towards their dream is much more harder that they anticipated. Many, upon this realization, give up. More persistent individuals though, don’t. When they fall, they get up. They rethink. They readjust. They continue. Mateusz’s dream turned out to be hard one too. He struggles. Loads. Will he give up? Watch to find out:


#1b Wyjabane Marzenie Mateusza

An alternative version this time with extremely rude voice-over in Polish. As Polish people can’t be told so easily what they should do I figured my words would have bigger effect of them if they are expressed in a more to-the-point manner:)


  • the video was created during Yclan era as submission for a video contest organised by one of the major banks in Poland. For some reason it ended up being chucked away into some corner of my hard drive far from anyone to see.


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Matdream/Wyjebane Marzenie Mateusza -