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#2 Jump Jarosław 2: City Rage

Me and my training friends kept going with our accidentally hard training in the pursuit of unprecedented superhuman agility. at the same time parkour craze was spreading rapidly across the globe like cat videos across the internet.
Using the time of rising popularity of parkour a certain energy drink company organised a video contest for parkour crews in Poland. Hungry for recognition and appreciation (which was rather hard to receive from mostly narrow minded people of our small town) and feeling that we actually stand a chance we decided to give it a go. We borrowed the camera and after few days of intense shooting ,and a crack of the dawn and around our school schedule, we created a flip-packed video which we submitted under the name Yclan
We truly believed that we may have won that one, but i the end we hadn’t been even distinguished.
As it later turned out flips and other acrobatics elements that were the main strength of our video were not even taken into consideration as their not kind of the movement that gets you from point A to point B efficiently, which Parkour in its a original idea is actually about.
We were disappointed a bit, but we quickly brushed the disappointment of and continued with our flip-focused accidently hard trainings. This time more united with greater sense of brotherhood and officially as Yclan – name that was yet to be on everyone’s lips




#2 Jump Jarosław 2: City Rage -