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#4 Gymdventures 1


A gymnasium. Heaven on earth for all flip and stunt aficionados. It is indeed heaven as in a gym, like in heaven, there is nothing to worry about or to fear. You are safe.

Well maybe not at all times. It would be highly irresponsible of me to give an impression that a gym is a place where nothing bad can happen to you. You can still seriously fuck yourself up. But it can definitely give you a taste of heavenly bliss. And the more equipped the gym is, the better taste you can enjoy.

When me and my friends started flipping around, “unfortunately’’ we only got a thin slice of heaven for ourselves. As thin as the six crash mats we had at our disposal in our “main” gym, which was actually a sports hall with those six mats, a springboard and a vault. Occasionally we would take trips to slightly better equipped gyms in our local area, but still they were far from the professional gymnastics halls top athletes of those times had the chance to train in (the nearest of those were hundreds of kilometres away).

But we didn’t feel sorry for ourselves, not even for a moment. And if someone turned out to be better from us, which was a burning issue for us as we strived to become the best, we justified it with a short ‘Because he has a better gym, otherwise he is just a wussy’. Yep, we were this sort of cocky arrogant bastards at that time😊

Anyway even if we didn’t have desirable training conditions, we were still training hard fuelled by our relentless drive and passion.  And that’s what it looked like:


We deeply believed that even in our poorly-equipped gyms we could still reach an unfathomable level of skills. And (spoiler alert!) we actually did as a direct result of driven consistent training, nerd-like intelligence and creativity, which we were forced to develop in undersupplied environment.


But there’s still a few Matventures more to tell before we get to the point of when we get unprecedented skills😊So read on :)



#4 Gymdventures 1 -